Over the next few months, after talking to our customers and account holders, we will be introducing a new special subscription where you can simply buy a single shirt at a time.

So you can try our bespoke shirts by simply just buying one. This will be available to pay for via subscription or as a 1 off payment.

Although we have our Quality Guarantee and our Fit Guarantee you have asked us to allow you to simply buy a single shirt to see how you like our service and bespoke shirts, so that is what we will be doing.

You will have exactly the same design, fit and fabric options as you would if you took out a subscription from us, and if you do then want to move to a full subscription, your account will already be set up so all you have to do is simply pick your package and design the rest of your shirts.

If you need a hand either measuring yourself for a bespoke shirt or with measuring a favourite shirt please simply use the links

As this improvement was brought about due to feedback from our customers please do carry on letting us know what you think of the site and how we can improve it for you.

You can also leave feedback on the ShirtSmart Facebook page or via our Twitter feedĀ